Kickin' Glitter

DIY - bookend.

Gnashing on: my cheeks
Sippin' on: Pelegrino
Watching: Leigh Sedley surf in Vans Pro - Virginia


so the most important this about STYLE is f r e e d o m  (and balls) until one settles into their comfort zone... may I introduce to you, my little honeybees, a man with some serious swag :

Sippin' on : Vino
Gnashin' on : a spoonful of Neutella

Lisa Bonnet

This is my kind of style icon - free, strong, unapologetic - beautiful.

sippin' on: waterrr
thinkin' on: driving cross-country
listenin' to: the ocean outside my window

lil' Miss Zoe in boho - doin' it well

Is it Coachella? Nooooooo, its Super Saturday - a delightful day of charitable shopping made for Kaftans & wedges. Lil' Miss Rachel Zoe just happens to be wearing it allll right (all right?) Not many women can pull off heels & a kaftan post baby without looking like a Hale Bob ad... just sayin' ..  . . .   .    .     .      .