Grow your own clothes....

"Green tea, sugar, a few microbes, and a little time..." clothing designer Suzanne Lee its essentially speaking about using a kambucha recipe which spin cellulose in a fermentation process. What this means is that we are coming closer to being able to "grow" our own clothes. The potential r e a c h of this process is being explored in the medical arena as well. Bacteria healing is already being used for wound-healing, and the hope is that in the future, it can be used as replacement bone tissue.... how amazing is this?
How to grow your own clothes.... Kambucha is not just a drink with trace levels of alcohol to upset the old folks, its a magical tea that, and while it unfortunately won't give us a buzZ, it does hold the potential to provide us each our own "mini fabric farm".
I love that on a QUEST for something like a more earth-friendly fiber for clothing production, so many WONDERFUL BI-PRODUCTS can emerge. That's why thinking & exploring the crazy little ideas that bubble up here n' there is SOsoSO important my lil' dreamers ... .  .   .   .
Take a peek at this amazingness:

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can't cut out music.

so I know that I typically post a lot more style-ish-esque thangs, but ....I guess I am in a music mood/mode lately... So I posted the images above because they reminded me of the film clip -& the cutout trend isn't cooling off any time too soon - KEEPIN' IT STYLISH my little bunnies!
ALSO notable &in my defense here: 
my theory on style is to allow yourself to be inspired by the beautiful things around you. Therefore, the beautiful music in my earballs is what's managing to titillate my guts right meow. With that being said, style isn't just about your presentation to the outside world; its about taking in the world around us as well - so that be that.

I absolutely HAD to share because this is the last piece of art that took my breath (away).

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Drink: Now cooled-off Yogi Skin Detox tea that says: "you must live for something higher, bigger and better than you." on the little folded paper flap
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so. fucking. good.
sweater vests, and fitted button downs. oh, and delicious musicality. Thanks boys ;)

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old sex new sex

An old classic beauty and a new brand of SEXY music.

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