oh Bianca just for the HELL OF IT

Sippin' on: Sav Blanc
Thinkin' on: this upcoming weekend with the ALWAYS lovely Nichole Cordova
Werkin' on: A painting of the top foto in my head....

A Green Story

 So last year I spend a fantastic month working with a wonderful cast & crew as the costume designer for A Green Story, very excited about its release :) here's the trailer....
Sippin' on - coffee
Gnashing on - blueberries (ironically)
Thinkin' on - what I'm going to wear to the premier next month

Dance like Nobody's watching

She's at it again folks, this time in a Mall, all smiles n' sass, my favourite client, Miss Angela Trimbur in all of her glory...


 I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely girls of this talulah in LA a few years back. Had a few cocktails on a rooftop somewhere & saw their fantastically girly, quintessentially Aussie pieces. I have been keeping my eyes on them ever since -I think they have absolutely nailed it with some of these pieces...
Sippin on - COFFEE.
Thinking on - my new recreated sweater creations
Next move - Shoot with the lovely Angela Trimbur