I fucking love LA when I love it. I love  Nichole Cordova,Thank you LA for a VILD 23 hours. One day, I will tell you all the story via amendment of this post of my "entrance"into this phenomenal madness...... THIS POST IS RELEVANT BECAUSE I AM WEARING AN AMAZING "new" Vintage JACKET. love!
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UH OH!: I haev a foto shoot in a few hours! haaaahaah :) 

thalente - Bridge to Skate

what a great lil' human .... let's give love... pass this babe's story & video along... let's get this boy a sponsor...
and support the emergence & the PHENOMENAL work of beautiful humans who build SKATE PARKS (like the AMAZING organization BRIDGE TO SKATE). What a beautiful thing; for a kid to push themselves to DO something, &create greatness. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.

Electric BLUE

This girl has the voice of a super hip, but pained little angel. I hope this guy stays away from her already & some GORGEOUS human swoops her up and loves her so good :) ENJOY this gorgeous preformance...

Charli XCX's makeup in the video reminded me of the Dior Velvet eyes EVERYone is raving about. Tad pricey, but apparently you can get multiple uses out of 'em... the girl showing off her glittery eyes is this cutie pie beauty tip youtuber, AN ABSOLUTE DOLL who gives a step by step tutorial on how-to apply this look. This makes me want to go get dolled up tonight and use A LOT of eyeliner.
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Today is your LUCKY day beautiful humans!
Here, in this very post, in this phenomenal, fantastical video, I am going to introduce you all to a BEAUTIFUL, incredible, wonderful inspiring friend of mine who I lovelovelove (that's a real-live word in my dictionary) Natalia Benson. She shares SO MUCH of herself ALWAYS, but here, she shares a GORGEOUS beyond GORGEOUS poem from a fiercely eloquent, savvy and raw writer I am about to facebook stalk so that I can say: " THANK YOU for that beautiful piece :) ".....
Beauty, like I have suspected since my 1st & 6th senses started working ( & which I have l o o s e l y but loudly communicated on here)  can be worn, but must be felt. THE HOTtness of a human is in their soul. The LOVE of a lover is in their GUTS, the beauty of a beauty is in our eyes..... train your eyes to see beautiful beauty, and you will wake up every morning with a mirror full of greatness. I LOVE YOU ALL. Enjoy.....

Natalia also has an incredible jewelery line called Here are a few of her progressive and fantastic creations:
 All of the above designs can be found at
. >. >. >. >.
below are some fotos I art directed n' styled with
The top one was shot by Vikram Path & the subject is the beautiful actress Kristen Kerr

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and what kinds of animals I'll 
see this time in Australia :) 
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The Holidays

Vintage Ecuadorian poncho; vintage Oscar de la Renta hat, and a disappearing bottle of Veuve ... heaven.