Somebody that I used to know...

Its stupid how gorgeous this is. Its everywhere right now, yes, but I just don't mind not being able to get away from it. .  .   .                                                                                                                                                  
reminded me of this (Picasso) ....
and of these AMAZING bright little 
 designs by NoMilkToday that I found on ETSY
Sippin' on: Crappy white wine (the red is mi belly) 
  Thinkin' on: How I want to send this to at least 3 wonderful men and women I have dated and loved, but that it may offend them.... hah....
Next time: I'll find something a little more uplifting but just as gorgeous ;)

Jeff Buckley

Child of GRUNGE
Beautiful voice
effortless style 
 sometimes clean tanks & ripped jeans, leather & rope bracelets, thrifted & long jackets, coffee stains,frazzled hair... you know the look; here are some sounds to go with it from one of my most loved men with a guitar and a voice...

Sippin' on: Kambucha 
THINKIN' on: my time in nyc in 2001
Listin' to: the Sounds of Leigh from Bareback making a new track, sounds very tropical...

AZEALIA BANKS - fucking brilliant

Bless this lil' angel, loving this.

thought I would toss in a lil' throwback to Jeremy Scott's Mickey Mouse sunnies - AND SO IT IS, the the Mickey trend lives on - on runways, on wafey models in the streets of Berlin, and clearly, in the 212 <3

THINKIN' ON: Australia next month
LISTENING TO: this fantastic little babe