What you see here folks, is the AMAZING Carson Leh's project. He's an incredible designer & bike enthusiast who started out teaching at Woodward, then wandered somehow from treasure-hunting in thrift stores in the North-West of the US into designing shoes in LA, where he found himself to be a bit of a fish out of water. From there, he accidentally created his current passion-project making GORGEOUS bicycle seats using his self-taught craft & seasoned love for classic design of shoe....
Click n' ENJOY!!!
I KNOW you have a hipster friend out there who will PEE HIS PANTS when he sees these. 
I KNOW you have a design-lover who will FLIP THEIR stylish LID when they see these. 
I KNOW you know a shoe-collector who will go: "OHHHHHHHH" when they see these.

Please share this wonderful kickstarter & let's try to get Carson to his goal within the next 60 hours!!!

Gothic nostalgia

Images from a shoot I styled in LA