Somebody that I used to know...

Its stupid how gorgeous this is. Its everywhere right now, yes, but I just don't mind not being able to get away from it. .  .   .                                                                                                                                                  
reminded me of this (Picasso) ....
and of these AMAZING bright little 
 designs by NoMilkToday that I found on ETSY
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  Thinkin' on: How I want to send this to at least 3 wonderful men and women I have dated and loved, but that it may offend them.... hah....
Next time: I'll find something a little more uplifting but just as gorgeous ;)

Jeff Buckley

Child of GRUNGE
Beautiful voice
effortless style 
 sometimes clean tanks & ripped jeans, leather & rope bracelets, thrifted & long jackets, coffee stains,frazzled hair... you know the look; here are some sounds to go with it from one of my most loved men with a guitar and a voice...

Sippin' on: Kambucha 
THINKIN' on: my time in nyc in 2001
Listin' to: the Sounds of Leigh from Bareback making a new track, sounds very tropical...

AZEALIA BANKS - fucking brilliant

Bless this lil' angel, loving this.

thought I would toss in a lil' throwback to Jeremy Scott's Mickey Mouse sunnies - AND SO IT IS, the the Mickey trend lives on - on runways, on wafey models in the streets of Berlin, and clearly, in the 212 <3

THINKIN' ON: Australia next month
LISTENING TO: this fantastic little babe

A Green Story

I am working on a feature film right now so I am SLACKING on these posts - but there is so much beauty & amazingness everywhere I turn, including this beautiful scene from behind the scenes of A Green Story...

Lytro - a new way to cature images

uh ohhhh, I think I want one - how amazing is this technology? When you snap a foto with one of these badboys, you can re-focus your light AFTER the foto has been taken. With post-production tools at our fingertips these days via mobile applications, this camera and its groundbreaking technology are changing the image-making game in a big way.  To get a better idea of exactly what this * * magical gadget* * does, you can click on the image below & play around... click on different areas within each image to refocus your light & focus. This is amazing, its a HUGE leap in technology for image creation and capturing, enjoy .........

The Rizzle Kicks!!!!

A little British BIRDIE (who is actually a very handsome &amp; stylish gentleman - something ze UK loves to provide us with complete with smart hats n' tailored slacks) sent me this link stating quite clearly that it was: "

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

SO beautiful, it made me cry

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sippin' on : water
dreamin' on : riding bikes in Bonn when the leaves are turning :)

Kickin' Glitter

DIY - bookend.

Gnashing on: my cheeks
Sippin' on: Pelegrino
Watching: Leigh Sedley surf in Vans Pro - Virginia


so the most important this about STYLE is f r e e d o m  (and balls) until one settles into their comfort zone... may I introduce to you, my little honeybees, a man with some serious swag :

Sippin' on : Vino
Gnashin' on : a spoonful of Neutella

Lisa Bonnet

This is my kind of style icon - free, strong, unapologetic - beautiful.

sippin' on: waterrr
thinkin' on: driving cross-country
listenin' to: the ocean outside my window

lil' Miss Zoe in boho - doin' it well

Is it Coachella? Nooooooo, its Super Saturday - a delightful day of charitable shopping made for Kaftans & wedges. Lil' Miss Rachel Zoe just happens to be wearing it allll right (all right?) Not many women can pull off heels & a kaftan post baby without looking like a Hale Bob ad... just sayin' ..  . . .   .    .     .      .

sunnies n' freckles, bareness n' brightness

found THE glasses by Culter & Gross 
and a similar pair by Karen Walker
gnashing on: a cookie I promised myself I wouldn't eat and LOVING it
sippin' on: WATER
listening to: the OCEAN outside my window

Alyssa Campenella wins MISS USA!

When my beautiful lil' client, Alyssa Campenella was crowned Miss USA, I couldn't help but think that she just seems so FRESH and fun - the perfect combination of gorgeous and cool with a great head on her shoulders and an eloquent way of expressing herself. 
I was sad at first to learn that she is not into big accesories - probably my favourite thing in the world -  but I now know that its because she makes up for it in MOUNTAINS of personality and a classic but fresh style. Kudos to those who voted for her, I couldn't imagine a better face and brain for California and now the US! Yeay Alyssa -  keeping Miss USA relevant and en Vogue - you have our support mama!! :) 

 I dressed Alyssa in this GORGEOUS silver sequins dress by Ashish Gupta, one of my absolute FAVOURITE designers. 
90's velvet & lace on VINTAGE Scarlett & Jessica

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Thinkin' on: how I am going to alter my old green velvet shirt...hmm....

Grow your own clothes....

"Green tea, sugar, a few microbes, and a little time..." clothing designer Suzanne Lee its essentially speaking about using a kambucha recipe which spin cellulose in a fermentation process. What this means is that we are coming closer to being able to "grow" our own clothes. The potential r e a c h of this process is being explored in the medical arena as well. Bacteria healing is already being used for wound-healing, and the hope is that in the future, it can be used as replacement bone tissue.... how amazing is this?
How to grow your own clothes.... Kambucha is not just a drink with trace levels of alcohol to upset the old folks, its a magical tea that, and while it unfortunately won't give us a buzZ, it does hold the potential to provide us each our own "mini fabric farm".
I love that on a QUEST for something like a more earth-friendly fiber for clothing production, so many WONDERFUL BI-PRODUCTS can emerge. That's why thinking & exploring the crazy little ideas that bubble up here n' there is SOsoSO important my lil' dreamers ... .  .   .   .
Take a peek at this amazingness:

Gnashing on: the bottom of the fruit bowl..mostly bananas
Sippin' on: iced tea with honey and fresh lemons
Thinkin' on:A bag I want to make out of an old pair of jeans ... now wherrrre is that pattern I made...haha

can't cut out music.

so I know that I typically post a lot more style-ish-esque thangs, but ....I guess I am in a music mood/mode lately... So I posted the images above because they reminded me of the film clip -& the cutout trend isn't cooling off any time too soon - KEEPIN' IT STYLISH my little bunnies!
ALSO notable &in my defense here: 
my theory on style is to allow yourself to be inspired by the beautiful things around you. Therefore, the beautiful music in my earballs is what's managing to titillate my guts right meow. With that being said, style isn't just about your presentation to the outside world; its about taking in the world around us as well - so that be that.

I absolutely HAD to share because this is the last piece of art that took my breath (away).

Mood: cozy
Drink: Now cooled-off Yogi Skin Detox tea that says: "you must live for something higher, bigger and better than you." on the little folded paper flap
In my ears:  Buzzing of my head after that beauty


so. fucking. good.
sweater vests, and fitted button downs. oh, and delicious musicality. Thanks boys ;)

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Sippin' on: WATER.
Thinkin' on: New York City.