what to wear for a sunset so beautiful it hurts...

Its a rainy day in Southern California, a welcomed oxymoron after days n' days of 70 n' sunny...and while I am relishing in the water falling from the sky and the FACT that I get to rock my polk-a-dot rain boots for the 100th time this month outside of New York, I am dreaming a little bit about the summertimmmme. I decided to take a peek through some old albums from SUNNY DAYS, and ran across a foto from last summer; of a purple sunset soSOso gorgeous, I felt like I should be wearing things only made from the earth to somehow blend with the INSANE beauty around me:

GOD I love California.
Flowy, young, warm, and happy
the people, the fashion
the style,
the feathers, the love.

Everything should feel this wonderful.

ho ho ho

Gotta love Santa ... man he's good....look at all the ground he's covering...


also notable holiday happennings, my new reindeer headbands and knee socks:

FANCY NANCY - rings that B L I N G

Just a few of my costumiest, voted most-likely-to-be-in-the-new-Pretty-Pretty-Princess-game rings from my always growing collection :)
Makes me want to stand near bright lights and blind people with their magical glittering light refractions.
All rings from Forever 21

Listening to: Ravi Shankar
Gnashing on: nothing (for once)
Drinking: Water

long run, long haul, long legs to the ball!!!!


don't let it get too long,
don't let it get too short
but most importantly,
DO NOT let it get too pretty


Alright, so first thangs' first honeybees, jersey is really the ideal fabric here, as it will allow the skirt to mold to your shape without clinging to your less flattering, more specific parts. Let's not show off our ankles here-we're not going for Pilgim chic, let's not use out skirt as a swiffer-dirty skirt bottoms may look BADASS, but its only bad-ta-the-bone till' you sweep along doggy dung from park to your lunch date. Instead, let's find a smart, long-enough length in a practical, flattering fabric that hugs your curves, in a colour that'll bootlick yer FLAT BOOTS off and match your faaaavourite slim sweater or cropped vintage concert T.



listening to: How to dress well ~ ecstacy with jojo
gnashing on: Havarti and an apple
drinking some: homemade carrot/mango/apple/orange/ginger juice

wish list...

In the spirit of the HOLIDAY season, I 
thought I would start to make a wish-list...

SHOCK goes the weasel - Juicy Couture made the blazer (wikkiwikki WHAAAAA??!)

Bolero sent from heaven. WANT. 
A great little Australian line called Motel Rocks

Helmut Lang - Crepe cutout maxi dress

DELICIOUS n' classic :)

Sannnnta, I live in California, and will leave you TONS of cookies...

Sir Victor Wilde does it again ....

In his reaction to the Gulf oil spill, Victor Wilde, LA-based artist, and designer of The Bohemian Society, created these oil-slicked kicks featured in YRB (Yellow Rat Bastard) magazine.
a nod to you, Vic, these are really amazing.
and yes, we think the American flag stuck to the bottom sends a very clear message...cheers, to fashion with a voice.

Name: Bohemian Society
How long have you been creating your own original artwork?: Since I was a child. I used to use materials from my grandfather’s garage to create paintings and sculptures. I also made an owl plush toy when I was seven with my mom’s pantyhose, some pillow stuffing, thread and a few buttons. 
What was the inspiration behind your design?: 
I was just so outraged by the gulf oil spill and when I saw how pristinely white the shoes were I thought I just had to cover them in black to make them look like an oil spill.  The American flag stuck to the bottom like a piece of toilet paper I thought was a nice touch.
Were there any challenges in using a Jack Purcell sneaker as your blank canvas?: 
There was some challenges getting the paint in as many nooks and crannies as possible, and there are plenty of them on these shoes. I made a pretty big mess in my studio, but ultimately, it was a lot of fun.
How long did it take to create the final product?: 
It took a few days. I poured several rounds of paint over those bad boys and waited for each round to dry.
Where can your work be found?: 
My artwork has been featured in many group shows and I have had two solo shows in Los Angeles. My fashion work can be found at many high-end select shops in America and Japan. For more information about me and my work go to.