oh, HELLO another shoe by Jessica Simpson that I luff.
This badboy is called "THE ALFIE"
(a la Jude in his very bestest roll)
Thanks Jess,
lil' fashionistas everywhere rejoicing in the consistency of awesome pumpin' out of your JS SHOE machine in the sky & are

keep em' comin'

a like totally marketable kid

a pre-teen nightmare in spaRkly maryjanes:

she's cute & talented. A bright young thing, whose interviews SCARE me. At 10 years old she has pretty high expectations for an immediate career path. At 10 I wanted "to be either a Paleontologist, a painter like Mary Cassatt, or own an olive vinyard in Italy.", those aspirations cHaNgEd, grew, & shrunk with every new club I joined, or science&art class I took. Hopefully her new manager, the "mastermind" behind "Keeping up with the Kardashians" doesn't pressure her into being anything other than an awesome kid, ALTHOUGH I feel like he, along with her parents are seeing $$$$$dollar signs$$$$$ dance like sugarplum fairies all around her.Hollywood, don't eat up an 11 year old...PLEASE. And ps-If that were my kid, I would be researching valley-girl de-programming before another interviewer or publicist tells her she's ADORABLE & encourages the charade. The 1st video is PAINFUL, the 2nd is disturbing. I can't imagine EVER getting away with that level of brattiness for 2 milli seconds in my house growing up. Tonight, let's all play a DRINKING GAME TO THIS VIDEO WHERE WE HAVE TO DRINK EVERY TIME SHE SAYS "LIKE".
. . .  .   .Like seriously though.

like, yikes.

I be thrifty.

I happen to be thrifty, soooooo I completely understand the pure EXCITEMENT in this man's voice.
heyhey guy, git' yer' sequins! Don't appologize, evening news-folk who dress like Sarah Palin and are impressed by a $200 ugggggly Manolos find just because they're Manolos don't belong in Goodwill anyway. I'll bet she drained her TRAVEL-SIZE purel after that broadcast.

You're my hero dude. Let's say it again, all together now...1,....2,......THREE!



Jimmy Choo for UGGS (I know....)

Its like EVERY woman who ever "dated" Bret Micheal decided they wanted to kick off their clear platforms n' snuggle up fireside  in Aspen.The 5 stripper-chic styles in multiple color variations are available for ONLY $495-$795 a pair. Luckily there aren't any children starving in the world. Chistian Audigier would be frothing.

it just ain't right.
::shakes head::kicks pebble::


oh me oh my, a remix video of that Old Spice man we l-o-v-e oh-so muchooooo; this, my friends, is not only blog-worthy, tis' LOVE-worthy:


Words that rhyme with "11" :
Heaven, seven, beaven....ummmmmmmmm.........

Kelen Malloy

Ladies n' gentleman, Kellen Malloy
.... .  .  .   .    .     .     .     .     .

please standby...

currently on the hunt for: awesome men's earrings....

Current project muse: Austin
Listenin' to: George Micheal
Sipppin' onnnn: jug-o-water

v-o-t-e .

I voted in someone's garage with a government issued MAGIC MARKER too thick to stay inside the bubble lines, surrounded by ScreaMinG kids, by the light of my cellular phone because there were no lights besides the one on the garage motor, on top of some sort of an over-sized cardboard version of a happy meal box that was intended to give me privacy while voting, which, incidentally, NOISILY COLLAPSED when I leaned on it, WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOW ANNNY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION to the volunteers who were cooing about how 168 of the 398 possible voters for their headquarters had actually voted-they were VERY impressed with this turnout, stating that it was "higher than they had anticipated" (??!?!?!?!)) SOOOOOO needless to say, I am a little unsure about where that little piece of "official" paper is going, BUT hey, I voted ;)