the TWiTTERiNG machine .

I have been revisiting some OLD memories tonight from a girlhood spent paintings and spinning on a wheel in a damp basement studio in Buffalo New York with a tangelo orange shag rug & cold cement walls.
Summers when dayyyys were spent museum-hoPping with my beautiful artist mother.  I was remembering the stark white walls of the Albrite Knox museum where she would walk with the purpose and certainty of a woman who could educate the world about any painting or sculpture you so much glanced at, and I wandered with light toes and a deep curiosity while I tried to absorb her knowledge via some form of art osmosis. As she clickady clacked down the halls of whatever museum we were in, in whatever awesome sparkly shoes she was rocking at the time, my eyes never stopped bouncing from one painting to another. a Victor Vasarely that made me dizzy, an elegant Degas in the center of an otherwise empty room, to the high strung female guard combing the shuffling room with nervous eyes darting from one dormant camera bag to the next.

I fell in love with a few little masterpieces during those years, and  I was trying to remember the name of an old favourite of mine, and, when it dawned on me a minute ago, it gave me a niiiiiice little belly giggle...

The Twittering Machine . Paul KleeOil transfer drawing, watercolor and ink on paper with gouache and ink borders on board

Gnashing on: My cheeks
Sippin' on: Apple juice
Listening to: the overflow of sounds from Leigh's rusty Seinnheisers next to me in bed-he must be making a new song. .  .  .    .     .
"Good sense travels on well-worn paths, genius never; and that is why the crowd, not altogether without reason, is so ready to treat GREAT men as lunatics."

reading: The Duality of Vision-genius and versitality in the arts by Walter Sorell
sippin on: water
listening to: birds fight about something that must be very important to them outside my apartment
feeling: the cold air on the tip of my nose and backs of my arms

Isn't she creeeepyyyyyyyyyy (sung like Lionel Richie)

Here's something a little different to play into your vampire FETISH this Halloween season .  .   .    .

My antique silver "vAmpire grill" DOUBLE FINGER ring is sure to encourage MORE than one admirer. When I wear mine, LAYER it with my BLACK double finger CROSS RING for a deliciously Gothic feel, reminiscent of the 90's, but playing into the 2010ish Vampire crazeSharp enough to TURN HEADS, but not to RUN YOUR TIGHTS, this ring is TO DIE FOR. 

Enjoyyyyyyy . .  .  .   .     .      .

want one? I'm sellin' em' UBER CHEAP to the first few buyers, clickyclickclick:

A slice of Apfel Pie

thissss beauty is by far my most adored style icon.
I have posted about Ms. Apfel in the past, I will continue to tip my floppy felt hat to her every few months as she is THE reason  can't WAIT to be a little old lady...



Sooooo I thought I was going to report on the happenings and fotos of the Vogue 90th anniversary festivities, but admiring all of the masked beauties made me glance up and to my left at a framed Mario Testino cover of Claudia Schiffer cupping her BARE BREASTS in a SHINY black cat mask for ze o-so fashionable Germans, which, in turn reminded me of a Bianca Jagger Vogue cover I just ADORE, and THAT is when I realized I just HAD to include ALL OF THE FUN THINGS CROPPING UP IN MY MINDBALL. SO, for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a delicious hodge-podge of the  masked and other such masquerade-like goodness. Impossible to keep glitter out of your hair, impossible to keep boys from thinking naughty thoughts a-la Eyes Wide Shut...PREPARE, my little honeybees to be turned on:


One summer day, a beautiful, luminescent Elvin fairy with blond locks & the BEST LAUGH ever-a real blue jean baby named Karly Grawin and I decided to try to capture a *magical* feeling we both knew to be REAL at the time. With one broken, old digital camera one of parents gave us for a 16th birthday or something, Miss Grawin's superb editing skills as they were just coming of age and blossoming, and one simple concept: to let everyone feel the PURE JOY of summer we were feeling-the warmth, the lightness, the excitement, the ADVENTURE. What a gorgeous day, so happy its documented ....LOVE.


Why Martha, THIS JACKET looks so familiar...waaaaait a minute, if I am not mistaken-yes!It was literally ON THE COVER of BPM magazine a few years back, I knew I had seen it before. Oh dear Martha, this is not your all of the inside trading you want you magical fairy of the glitter isle at Micheals, but  for Pete's sake, copying a young designer's original design???       

Victor Wilde's Original Leaf Jacket on Adrian Grenier for BPM Magazine

Damn it Martha,  WHY??!?! WHY?? I have loved you so much for your original, quirKy, yet socially appropriate entertaining tips n''re hurting me Martha, ripping off an original design by a dear friend of mine, The Bohemian Society Designer, Victor Wilde, and ripping my heart out of my chest.... this Halloween Miss Stewart, you just plain hurt me oh-Goddess of the stenciled cupcake and perfect garden party... :(

Here's a lil' sumthin' sumthin' below from Sir Victor Wilde, creator of the ORIGINAL LEAF JACKET! 

Parachutes from victor wilde on Vimeo.