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Here's a sneak peek at our favourite Avatar sweetheart, Neytiri, oherwise known as Zoe Saldana in a Calvin Klein Underwear commercial that will break on E! before the Emmy Awards on Sunday night:

This is very airy and ethereal, and so, I really am drawn to its quiet effectiveness; to be quite honest though, I really prefer the 90's CK commercials with heroin chic supermodels somehow selling clothes with no clothes on...but this is much nicer than the fall 2010 x-underwear commercial where Calvin resorted to having four hottie male models swearing up a storm about their packages for some sort of shock value that is not obtainable anymore (hellooooo, we have redtube now!!)


listning to: Emipire Records soundtrack
thinking about: how the 90's were exciting despite the grungy, doomsday undertones...
sipping on: yum lil' glass-o-Pinot

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