LOVE me some rad lil' postcards. Check out these fantabulous designs from a group of ladies from Melbourne; I feel like I would instantly love any letter sent to me on a postcard that looked like this. Even if it was from a girlfriend telling me:

  "ummmm...this is a hard letter to write mama, but... I left your GOLD YSL wedges on the L train after drinking FAR too much champagne on New Years. I couldn't bear to tell you in person, so I am writing you this letter. My feet hurt so badly, so I took them off to put on my travel ballet slippers that were rolled up in my little bag-& then...I just forgot them there...all alone on the train, they sped off in a hurry into the unknown before I could get back on to grab em'...I'm SO sorry Al!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
...I feel as if these images delivering such a message might soften the blow:

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  1. You're right- so cute.

    & I am hoping that the L train story isn't a true one...

  2. oh no, it twasnt' but if it were, it would be a lot easier to take if it were on one of these beauties ;) <3