Military Canary Barry Jerry Hairy Flairy....

Ahhhhh Memorial day came and went, and a few picnics and one rowdy pool party in which I sported a 1950's style swim cap and polk-a-dot wellies later, I actually stopped and thought about how much of an influence the soldiers of the world have had on not only the fates of nations, but on our runways and city streets since women realized how hot leather and chains can be and men found clomping around in boots to be wayyyyy more delightful than wiggling their toes in tight Italian ditties.....

The top shot of the beautiful men is from a shoot called Boot camp by by Richard Phibbs for L'equipe magazine (I snap my fingers to you, sir Phibbs, thank you for those gorgeous thangs) :) The brown zipper boots are by Esquivel-if you can't live without them, call Albert 714.670.2200-tell him Vava sent you, he'll take great care of ya' ;)

I'm facinated with the liquid nylons that were developed as early as the 1920's, but made popular after Nylons were made scarce due to World War II. In my nerdolicious research, I have stumbled upon the most fantastical WWII joke:

Q: What’s a wife more afraid of finding on her man than lipstick on his collar?

A: Leg paint on his back.


  1. Well done my little bee....there is much we need to discuss about upcoming projects. Organizing my closet tonight has been hell. Have decided to group it's entirety in outfits-accessories included--in your honor. Figured that would make you smile and it would make my packing far easier. Rummaging through the mess that is my closet and dressers and my stove at times, I ran across some militaristic articles of my own so this post was up and or on my alley. bisous bisous

  2. Those boots! Where in the world did you find them? Who makes them? I must have them.

  3. Jillllllll, the combat boots?? They're by Esquivel...bug me about em', I'll pas along the info <3 xx