Sooooo I thought I was going to report on the happenings and fotos of the Vogue 90th anniversary festivities, but admiring all of the masked beauties made me glance up and to my left at a framed Mario Testino cover of Claudia Schiffer cupping her BARE BREASTS in a SHINY black cat mask for ze o-so fashionable Germans, which, in turn reminded me of a Bianca Jagger Vogue cover I just ADORE, and THAT is when I realized I just HAD to include ALL OF THE FUN THINGS CROPPING UP IN MY MINDBALL. SO, for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a delicious hodge-podge of the  masked and other such masquerade-like goodness. Impossible to keep glitter out of your hair, impossible to keep boys from thinking naughty thoughts a-la Eyes Wide Shut...PREPARE, my little honeybees to be turned on:

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