Why Martha, THIS JACKET looks so familiar...waaaaait a minute, if I am not mistaken-yes!It was literally ON THE COVER of BPM magazine a few years back, I knew I had seen it before. Oh dear Martha, this is not your all of the inside trading you want you magical fairy of the glitter isle at Micheals, but  for Pete's sake, copying a young designer's original design???       

Victor Wilde's Original Leaf Jacket on Adrian Grenier for BPM Magazine

Damn it Martha,  WHY??!?! WHY?? I have loved you so much for your original, quirKy, yet socially appropriate entertaining tips n''re hurting me Martha, ripping off an original design by a dear friend of mine, The Bohemian Society Designer, Victor Wilde, and ripping my heart out of my chest.... this Halloween Miss Stewart, you just plain hurt me oh-Goddess of the stenciled cupcake and perfect garden party... :(

Here's a lil' sumthin' sumthin' below from Sir Victor Wilde, creator of the ORIGINAL LEAF JACKET! 

Parachutes from victor wilde on Vimeo.

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