v-o-t-e .

I voted in someone's garage with a government issued MAGIC MARKER too thick to stay inside the bubble lines, surrounded by ScreaMinG kids, by the light of my cellular phone because there were no lights besides the one on the garage motor, on top of some sort of an over-sized cardboard version of a happy meal box that was intended to give me privacy while voting, which, incidentally, NOISILY COLLAPSED when I leaned on it, WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOW ANNNY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION to the volunteers who were cooing about how 168 of the 398 possible voters for their headquarters had actually voted-they were VERY impressed with this turnout, stating that it was "higher than they had anticipated" (??!?!?!?!)) SOOOOOO needless to say, I am a little unsure about where that little piece of "official" paper is going, BUT hey, I voted ;)



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