a like totally marketable kid

a pre-teen nightmare in spaRkly maryjanes:

she's cute & talented. A bright young thing, whose interviews SCARE me. At 10 years old she has pretty high expectations for an immediate career path. At 10 I wanted "to be either a Paleontologist, a painter like Mary Cassatt, or own an olive vinyard in Italy.", those aspirations cHaNgEd, grew, & shrunk with every new club I joined, or science&art class I took. Hopefully her new manager, the "mastermind" behind "Keeping up with the Kardashians" doesn't pressure her into being anything other than an awesome kid, ALTHOUGH I feel like he, along with her parents are seeing $$$$$dollar signs$$$$$ dance like sugarplum fairies all around her.Hollywood, don't eat up an 11 year old...PLEASE. And ps-If that were my kid, I would be researching valley-girl de-programming before another interviewer or publicist tells her she's ADORABLE & encourages the charade. The 1st video is PAINFUL, the 2nd is disturbing. I can't imagine EVER getting away with that level of brattiness for 2 milli seconds in my house growing up. Tonight, let's all play a DRINKING GAME TO THIS VIDEO WHERE WE HAVE TO DRINK EVERY TIME SHE SAYS "LIKE".
. . .  .   .Like seriously though.

like, yikes.

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