Grow your own clothes....

"Green tea, sugar, a few microbes, and a little time..." clothing designer Suzanne Lee its essentially speaking about using a kambucha recipe which spin cellulose in a fermentation process. What this means is that we are coming closer to being able to "grow" our own clothes. The potential r e a c h of this process is being explored in the medical arena as well. Bacteria healing is already being used for wound-healing, and the hope is that in the future, it can be used as replacement bone tissue.... how amazing is this?
How to grow your own clothes.... Kambucha is not just a drink with trace levels of alcohol to upset the old folks, its a magical tea that, and while it unfortunately won't give us a buzZ, it does hold the potential to provide us each our own "mini fabric farm".
I love that on a QUEST for something like a more earth-friendly fiber for clothing production, so many WONDERFUL BI-PRODUCTS can emerge. That's why thinking & exploring the crazy little ideas that bubble up here n' there is SOsoSO important my lil' dreamers ... .  .   .   .
Take a peek at this amazingness:

Gnashing on: the bottom of the fruit bowl..mostly bananas
Sippin' on: iced tea with honey and fresh lemons
Thinkin' on:A bag I want to make out of an old pair of jeans ... now wherrrre is that pattern I made...haha

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