can't cut out music.

so I know that I typically post a lot more style-ish-esque thangs, but ....I guess I am in a music mood/mode lately... So I posted the images above because they reminded me of the film clip -& the cutout trend isn't cooling off any time too soon - KEEPIN' IT STYLISH my little bunnies!
ALSO notable &in my defense here: 
my theory on style is to allow yourself to be inspired by the beautiful things around you. Therefore, the beautiful music in my earballs is what's managing to titillate my guts right meow. With that being said, style isn't just about your presentation to the outside world; its about taking in the world around us as well - so that be that.

I absolutely HAD to share because this is the last piece of art that took my breath (away).

Mood: cozy
Drink: Now cooled-off Yogi Skin Detox tea that says: "you must live for something higher, bigger and better than you." on the little folded paper flap
In my ears:  Buzzing of my head after that beauty

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