Electric BLUE

This girl has the voice of a super hip, but pained little angel. I hope this guy stays away from her already & some GORGEOUS human swoops her up and loves her so good :) ENJOY this gorgeous preformance...

Charli XCX's makeup in the video reminded me of the Dior Velvet eyes EVERYone is raving about. Tad pricey, but apparently you can get multiple uses out of 'em... the girl showing off her glittery eyes is this cutie pie beauty tip youtuber, AN ABSOLUTE DOLL who gives a step by step tutorial on how-to apply this look. This makes me want to go get dolled up tonight and use A LOT of eyeliner.
sippin' on : cafe con leche
thinkin' on: doing a CLUB NIGHT makeup post soon ;)
listenin' to: Leigh from Bareback DJs makin' a new mix for GDD - I'll post it when it goes up! x

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