n.om makes all sorts of sense n' wakes up the senses!

Today is your LUCKY day beautiful humans!
Here, in this very post, in this phenomenal, fantastical video, I am going to introduce you all to a BEAUTIFUL, incredible, wonderful inspiring friend of mine who I lovelovelove (that's a real-live word in my dictionary) Natalia Benson. She shares SO MUCH of herself ALWAYS, but here, she shares a GORGEOUS beyond GORGEOUS poem from a fiercely eloquent, savvy and raw writer I am about to facebook stalk so that I can say: " THANK YOU for that beautiful piece :) ".....
Beauty, like I have suspected since my 1st & 6th senses started working ( & which I have l o o s e l y but loudly communicated on here)  can be worn, but must be felt. THE HOTtness of a human is in their soul. The LOVE of a lover is in their GUTS, the beauty of a beauty is in our eyes..... train your eyes to see beautiful beauty, and you will wake up every morning with a mirror full of greatness. I LOVE YOU ALL. Enjoy.....

Natalia also has an incredible jewelery line called n.om. Here are a few of her progressive and fantastic creations:
 All of the above designs can be found at http://www.pieceofnatalia.com
. >. >. >. >.
below are some fotos I art directed n' styled with n.om
The top one was shot by Vikram Path & the subject is the beautiful actress Kristen Kerr

sipping on: H20
        thinkin' on: What Byron Bay will be like... 
and what kinds of animals I'll 
see this time in Australia :) 
         listening to: Leigh of Bareback DJs making
a new mix... groooovin' over here ;)

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