To some of the neighborhood's residents, their once hip and bookwormish neighborhood seems to be turning into Marc Jacob's little storefront pet collection.

When Biography Bookshop, a cornerstone in the neighborhood's character closed its doors after 20 years, Marc Jacob's announced that he would open a store in its place-his 5th one in the West Village.

While the initial instinct was that locals would take an instant loathing to this fashion empire-expansion into their literary world, contrary sentiment seems to be brewing. Friday, the coming soon sign in the window was taken down and Marc Jacobs-Bookmarc's doors were quietly opened not with a sparkly press release, but just a few tweets from Robert Duffy, the president of Marc Jacobs.

To everyone's surprise, you can not find a single wearable piece of clothing in this Marc Jacobs store. Instead you will find a wide selection of hard-to-find coffee table books like the 33 1/3 series, or Kate Moss by Mario Testino

While its no longer a smallish bookshop, it tries to maintain that feel, and much to the hood's chagrin, it seems as if this little bookshop is taking itself seriously when it comes to its selection of books and stylish school and office supplies. Time will tell, but thus far, Bookmarc seems to have been received with much more open arms than anyone had anticipated.

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