Reinventing the pen

In my hunt for reinvented throw-away objects, I came across these creative and very inspired little designs. In 2005 BIC sold its one hundred
billionth pen, which doesn't come as a HUGE surprise when you consider how many pens you have gnawwwwed the ends off of and tossssed away. Its a throw away object that can be kept out of landfills with a little creativity and resourcefulness.
Check out some ways a few imaginative minds have decided to reinvent the little blue, black, & red pens; quite clever...

daisy vase - inflated bic pen - by Jim Termeer and Jess Giffin, 2004 shortlisted entry of the designboom H2O on the table competition

'anemone’ lamp, by paolo ulian, made out of 400 bic pens,
part of the exhibition ‘ la meravigliosa avventura del barone bic ’, Aosta, Italy 1998
 301 chandelier' by studio empieza, made up of bic pens and paper-clips, 2006
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  1. Some of these ideas are amazing. Multi tasking with the cutlery is a great plan.