what to wear for a sunset so beautiful it hurts...

Its a rainy day in Southern California, a welcomed oxymoron after days n' days of 70 n' sunny...and while I am relishing in the water falling from the sky and the FACT that I get to rock my polk-a-dot rain boots for the 100th time this month outside of New York, I am dreaming a little bit about the summertimmmme. I decided to take a peek through some old albums from SUNNY DAYS, and ran across a foto from last summer; of a purple sunset soSOso gorgeous, I felt like I should be wearing things only made from the earth to somehow blend with the INSANE beauty around me:

GOD I love California.
Flowy, young, warm, and happy
the people, the fashion
the style,
the feathers, the love.

Everything should feel this wonderful.

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