long run, long haul, long legs to the ball!!!!


don't let it get too long,
don't let it get too short
but most importantly,
DO NOT let it get too pretty


Alright, so first thangs' first honeybees, jersey is really the ideal fabric here, as it will allow the skirt to mold to your shape without clinging to your less flattering, more specific parts. Let's not show off our ankles here-we're not going for Pilgim chic, let's not use out skirt as a swiffer-dirty skirt bottoms may look BADASS, but its only bad-ta-the-bone till' you sweep along doggy dung from park to your lunch date. Instead, let's find a smart, long-enough length in a practical, flattering fabric that hugs your curves, in a colour that'll bootlick yer FLAT BOOTS off and match your faaaavourite slim sweater or cropped vintage concert T.



listening to: How to dress well ~ ecstacy with jojo
gnashing on: Havarti and an apple
drinking some: homemade carrot/mango/apple/orange/ginger juice

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