Sir Victor Wilde does it again ....

In his reaction to the Gulf oil spill, Victor Wilde, LA-based artist, and designer of The Bohemian Society, created these oil-slicked kicks featured in YRB (Yellow Rat Bastard) magazine.
a nod to you, Vic, these are really amazing.
and yes, we think the American flag stuck to the bottom sends a very clear message...cheers, to fashion with a voice.

Name: Bohemian Society
How long have you been creating your own original artwork?: Since I was a child. I used to use materials from my grandfather’s garage to create paintings and sculptures. I also made an owl plush toy when I was seven with my mom’s pantyhose, some pillow stuffing, thread and a few buttons. 
What was the inspiration behind your design?: 
I was just so outraged by the gulf oil spill and when I saw how pristinely white the shoes were I thought I just had to cover them in black to make them look like an oil spill.  The American flag stuck to the bottom like a piece of toilet paper I thought was a nice touch.
Were there any challenges in using a Jack Purcell sneaker as your blank canvas?: 
There was some challenges getting the paint in as many nooks and crannies as possible, and there are plenty of them on these shoes. I made a pretty big mess in my studio, but ultimately, it was a lot of fun.
How long did it take to create the final product?: 
It took a few days. I poured several rounds of paint over those bad boys and waited for each round to dry.
Where can your work be found?: 
My artwork has been featured in many group shows and I have had two solo shows in Los Angeles. My fashion work can be found at many high-end select shops in America and Japan. For more information about me and my work go to.

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